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What We Do

GoWeb, Inc. is a multi-disciplined software development and consulting firm that provides information technology solutions to Canadian and U.S. governments and businesses. We use our expertise to solve your challenges, streamline your campaigns, and help you deliver the results you and your organization are counting on.

Java Team

GoWeb's Java Solutions Team is experienced in a wide range of application services, frameworks, databases, libraries, components and technologies. They thoroughly analyze business requirements to guarantee that the customers receive the optimal technology.

.Net Team

GoWeb’s .NET Solutions Team focuses on the development, implementation, maintenance and support of Microsoft solutions such as MS Dynamics 365/CRM, SharePoint and custom .NET Framework/.NET Core.

Data Warehouse

Power your business Intelligence with Data Warehouse solutions that optimize your ability to transform your data into actionable insight to increase your bottom line.

Template Design

Custom and tailored templates designed specifically for your industry and organization. May include, but not limited to, banking statements, insurance policies, client correspondence, and more.

Amazon Web Services

Take advantage of our certified specialists to get more for less by utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS). Simplify your I.T. infrastructure, reduce your hardware costs, and remove the pain point of hardware life cycles with dynamically scaling cloud technologies.

AWS Certificate

Document Generation Managed Service

GoWeb provides document generation services on-demand with a fully supported and maintained infrastructure. The infrastructure can be sized and priced according to your business needs, whether it’s generating a few or thousands of documents daily. Flexible and customizable Document Generation Software as a Service (SaaS) without the stress.

How We Do It

At GoWeb, our team’s experience is versatile to say the least. We offer a large range of extensible skill sets, that are always growing and changing to meet the requirements of the newest and oldest technologies.

Staff AugmentationAugment your existing staff with additional resources on-demand
BI & AnalyticsIdentify KPIs and design and auto-generate Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard and reports for analyzing and improving your business
Cloud SolutionsSave your organization time, money, and stress on its customer data and business processes with cloud technologies
WordPressAllow us to realize your vision in the Web Space by creating or supporting your existing WordPress website
Migration & TransitionMove into your new technologies smoothly and let us deal with the headache of the migration/transition process
Custom .NetSignificantly simplify your current processes, create new ones, and even expand your business into new territories with tailor fit .Net solutions
.Net FrameworkExperienced in supporting and maintaining your existing .Net Framework applications
Automated TestingEnsure your software is up to spec, and save yourself the headache of change with automated testing
ServicesBring your User Experience (UX) to life with our experts in designing modern interfaces which includes usability testing
DevOpsExperienced in automating deployments while following your business processes, testing and approvals
.Net CoreSeen as the cutting-edge, .Net Core is a pride point of our .Net Solutions team when it comes to experience in supporting and developing for businesses
Microsoft Dynamics 365Experienced in supporting and integrating with the Microsoft Dynamics platform
Document GenerationWith the back-bone of Xpertdoc, our template designers and software developers/services can completely automate the process of generating your client-facing documents and correspondence
AzureMicrosoft Azure trained developers and operational resources
AWSIntegrate and support your business with Amazon's Web Services, using our trained AWS specialists
& Data IntegrationGet your data to where it needs to go with our custom integration solutions
Template DesignDigitize your paper forms and reports, or allow us to rebuild your documents to handle dynamic generation and content
ServicesCreate custom software for your your business needs
Managed ServicesImprove your operations and cut expenses by allowing us to manage some of the services
Java Software
ServicesHave a dedicated team at your beck-and-call to support or develop Java technologies
CRMExperienced in developing and supporting Customer Relationship Management Software
SharepointGet the most out of your Microsoft Office Products with our Microsoft experts

Who We Are

Our Team

The GoWeb consulting team has been hand-crafted to include a group of experts who can produce high end deliverables and recommendations for the technological problems faced by the modern-day business. The team has garnered a wealth of experience by providing I.T. services for businesses and governments across North America. They are currently divided up and specialize in three main areas:

  • Microsoft platforms & .Net development / integration
  • Java Application Services covering a wide range of databases, frameworks, libraries, and components
  • Consulting and developing by merging the experience and perspectives of both teams, we are able to find and solve any problem and adapt quickly into unfamiliar technologies

Our History

Founded by two managing partners, each with over 25 years of Information Technology experience, GoWeb began as a fledgling multifaceted Software Development and Consulting firm. With only a handful of experts, GoWeb Inc. began providing solutions to large businesses and governments across North America. Since then, the company has grown to include many experts who can offer technological solutions in a diverse range of industries.

GoWeb History
GoWeb Motivation

Our Motivation

Information Technology & Software Solutions are part of a drastically changing industry. Every year, significant changes occur that cause large upsets for the every day operations of many businesses. The GoWeb team is driven by these changes, always keeping up to date on the latest trends in the industry. Through this,our goal is to be able to provide the absolute best solution to your problem, be it with the tested tried-and-true, or the new cutting-edge methods.


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